Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb/08 - South American Journey: Falkland Islands

"So should I take the bus to the Penguin Rookery at Gypsy Cove or walk?" we asked the ruddy faced lady behind the information center. "Ah lad, it's a lovely day for a walk, it's not too far at all". 90 minutes later we probably should have asked how long a lovely little walk is! Little did we know that we had to hike through marsh, peat bog and gorse.

After passing several shipwrecks, the walk did bring us to lovely white beaches. Unfortunately these beaches were out of bounds as all the dunes were mined. A left over from the war with Argentina. We finally got to the penguin rookery, along with everyone else on the cruise ship. The scenery was quite interesting from this point, looking back towards Port Stanley.

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Penguin Rookery

The brightly painted roofs of the houses offer a colourful contrast to the almost treeless moors. It reminded me of Newfoundland.

Christ Church Cathedral

Points of interest in the town of Port Stanley is the Christ Church Cathedral with it whale bone arch and the Cape Pembroke Lighthouse. As far as enjoying a good pub lunch....don't hold your breath!

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