Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oct. 22/09 - Asian Cruise - Beijing to Bangkok - Bankrut, Thailand

 Day 2.

Reg was parked in his hammock on the beach under the coconut trees most of the morning until I threw him out of it and dragged him for a walk along Bankrut beach road taking in the country life of this charming little village. 


It was hot but the palm and coconut trees did provide lots of shade. Stopped for lunch at a local beach side restaurant and had a wonderful meal of spicy papaya, squid and shrimp salad, and a green shrimp curry washed down with 2 ice cold Singha beers. Had a few laughs with the waitresses who were trying to teach us Thai. The weather has been wonderful so far but would certainly welcome more ocean breezes which are nearly non-existent. 

After our walk back from lunch, Reg parked in his hammock again and wasn’t moving for the rest of the afternoon!


A swim and shower and then a quick stint on the net while savouring a delicious sautéed squid appetizer with 2 sauces accompanied with iced tea before Gai came to suggest our dinner menu, based on what the cook had found in the market today. It just couldn’t get any better than that!

Chatted with a lovely couple, John Rolfe (Principal), wife Belle with 3 beautiful children Becky, Benjamin and baby daughter. They normally reside in Pattaya but were enjoying the peacefulness of Bankrut and away from the dozens of expats that reside in that city. Becky, their oldest child, personality plus, and precocious, kept us entertained most of the evening, especially with her precise boarding school, English.

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